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PC Troubleshoot

Logging in
In your browser, open the following URL
Please be aware that COOKIES MUST BE ENABLED!! . Change your security settings to accept cookies from our domain "" if necessary.

Certain firewalls may block packets necessary to view the programs. If you have trouble connecting or you seem to be getting only black images, try one of the following in order.

Sharing your account with others
To avoid multiple persons using the same account, our system allows each user to connect from a single location at a time. For example, when you try to login with an account that is currently in use at another location, the user connected earlier will be disconnected shortly.

While having you keeping this in mind, we do not make any restrictions on you sharing your account with family members and others.


STB Troubleshoot

  • Using the remote
  • Set top Box Navigation
  • Managing your password
  • General FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Using the remote

  1. Most navigation on the STB will be made using the cursor keys and the OK button in the center of the remote controller. Use the cursor keys to highlight an icon or a channel on your screen and press OK to confirm your choice.

  2. To return to the channel selection menu, press the "STOP" button.

  3. You can use the volume keys to change the volume.


The remote controller is compatible with some home appliances besides the STB. If you see a button other than "STB" flash on your remote controller on each operation, the remote is not configured properly. Press the "STB" button once and confirm that the remote is configured to control your STB. Other buttons on the remote are not used for our current service.

Set Top Box Navigation

  1. Login Page
    When starting up the set top box for the first time, a login screen will appear. Use the cursor and number keys on your remote to enter your login information. Once you enter the correct serial number and password, it will be stored in your Set Top Box. You will not be asked to enter it again unless the information in your set top box is cleared or you change your password.

  2. Menu Page
    The first page you will see when starting up your STB is the main menu. Use the cursor keys on your remote to choose an icon and press OK. When the expiration date of your subscription is near, the start up page will be replaced with a warning page notifying the number of days remaining. Click on the TV icon to proceed.

Managing your password
Our system currently allows only one connection per account. If the same serial number is used to login from more than one location, the connection made later will disconnect the connection made earlier. To avoid such situations, please manage your password with plenty of care and store related documents in a secure location.

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